tHE GAMMA OMEGA CHAPTER WAS ESTABLISHED IN 1923 IN LYNCHBURG, VA. The Second Virginia Omega State Conference was held May 17-18, 1935 in Lynchburg, Virginia and was hosted by Gamma Omega Chapter. This meeting was called to order by Vice President Taylor in the absence of President E. A. Archer, who was compelled to resign because of a long siege of illness. At this meeting, Conference leadership established an organizational agenda to normalize and focus the efforts of the Virginia chapters. This statewide agenda called for an organized and concerted attack on the economic, civic, and social problems that hindered the progress of the Negro in the South, and especially the progress of the Negro College man. A hallmark of the Conference’s resulting action was the implementation of efforts to register Negro voters. This was the brain child of Luther Porter Jackson of Delta Omega Chapter, who would go on to lead Omega’s voter registration efforts in the State of Virginia for many years. This conference was attended by a number of national officials including: William E. Baugh, Vice Grand Basileus; J. Arthur Weiseger, Grand Keeper of Records and Seal; Frederick S. Weaver, representing Herman Dreer the Editor-in-Chief of the ORACLE. At this second conference, newly elected officers were installed by J. A. Jordan, Basileus of Gamma Omega Chapter. A. B. Green of Lambda Omega Chapter was elected as the second permanent President of the Virginia Omega Conference.


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